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[size=25]Top Stories

Top common stories which are mentioned on a good method in The Holy
Book of Islam, particularly, in a chapter of Yousseif, the first story I will mention, that becomes distinguished between all stories of the same time because it is rarely to find a completed story in narration that like this, not only that, but also, after long looking up we found many verses having many stories on several chapters and different persons who chosen by the Creator to proclaim the Islam (the peace) over the whole world and guide them to a good way of Allah for receiving nothing because Allah is the Creator does not need any thing from the created beings, he just send persons for forerunning and preaching them as long as they do bad in their life and show them some of resurrection day marks either they choose the torture or the balefire of the inferno or the luxury and prosperity of the paradise as they were working in the lifetime. However, here I show some real and important stories of the elite men who paid themselves for triumph this religion .

First, I would mention about the complete story of Yousseif(Joseph) . It was played in Palestine and Egypt together with the existence of his father and brothers who counted about 11 from the body of his father. However, it narrated by some narrators who could keep this story completely in a good method, so, the verses of Koran give us information in detail about this story as mentioned.

" When a child Yousseif was born and reached a year of four and near, he has dreamed truly then recounted in the next morning to his father what did he see in the last night " My father, I saw yesterday eleven of planets with the sun and the moon are kneeling to me " then his father told him that " Do not tell your brothers for this dream or you will be fallen in their trap ". Thereafter, one of his brothers perhaps the eldest one told his father that " We will go tomorrow to journey dad, and want Yousseif goes with us for having playing and competition, then, he says that it is regretful to have been swallowed by the wolf in duration of your playing , oh dad we become there losers when it do and how it comes as long as we are together (group), when, they went sharing with him and all purposed to get rid of him as throw him into a deeper well ( in the darkness ) then (the divine teller told their father what do they act for his son) and do not know, then, at their return home back at the night told him in crying aspect that " O, dad we have gone for playing (away) and left Yousseif beside our belongings then (a matter is done) a wolf devoured him we know that you are not able again to trust us even we are true. Therefore, at their coming back they brought with the shirt of him blooded but untrue, then, said (the devil) hid to you the result so the patience is good and Allah is the supervisor on your doing .After a time of throwing the child in a well lonely group of people is going together sent their guide (for having taking some water from a well) then he suspended bucket down and suddenly surprised and found a boy then carried out him from a well and make him as goods (slave)and Allah is the all-knowing for their doing then sold him with cheaper money(little drams),meanwhile, they did not want to survive him with them, someone who bought him told his wife deal him with good manner, perhaps he interests us or we adopt him as kid, therefore, we(as divine teller) placed Yousseif on the earth and learnt him of recitation of speeches to have been speaking well with every one so when he has grown and reached an age of youth, was his last living with a governor of Egypt who supervised on his living himself, meanwhile, he was married a mellow woman and a governor was perhaps, in the same time, aged man and does not care for a sexology, even if, with his legal wife so this reason faced this one. However, when his wife was in age of youth or near she missed for his touching on her body and her spouse cannot do this so she must search on other to do instead her husband when she saw Yousseif with his beauty she wanted him to be as her spouse deal her as her husband on the bed .Whatever, she saw him with surprised staring towards him then she offered her self to him but he refused this because if he did this so he not becomes a prophet of this era because a prophet generally is a chosen man of more created people and must not to make a crime or a case in his life because he is a model of all people sent to the whole people for proclaim . However, when he saw her in this position ran away towards the doors while before she ordered a commission to her slaves for close the gates after his entering to her room so suddenly one of her relatives saw him going out of her room so he told her husband for this issue, then after, she called him again in the same room and before she prepared group of women hold knives in their hands then told him appear yourself Yousseif, thereat, they all were having apples cut in the center by a knife at every one so she suddenly surprised with hemorrhage of their hands for a knife of them that is done due to his beauty was more than every one they met before.

He and she stood before her husband with the judge beside to scrutinize in this case well he asked Yousseif for a day of that a case has been done there. But, before this was Yousseif invocated and supplicated his lord to get him down the jail, at this turning point when he has been jailed with two men who have worked in the royal court the former was working in the kitchen or was a **** and the latter was working a holder of wine-jars of a pharaoh, they saw him kneeling once and invocating other then they formed him as a pious, therefore, they told him their dreams as the first told him that " I have dreamed that I was holding a loaf on my head and some birds having eaten it " while, the other said that but for me " I was pouring a wine into jar of my lord " tell us Yousseif the trustful on those " O, the jail keeper, however, one of you will be reposted back to his career (started to work at feet of his lord once again)as wine-bearer while the other will be crucified and the birds will eat from his head, it's over. However, at the egression who is informed that Yousseif told remind me at your lord, thereupon, the devil acted to forget him so that he set in the jail for a while . However, the king speaks with his court men on a vision of that he was yesterday " I saw seven of fat cows swallowing seven other that are thin, and seven of grown well plants and seven other are not well " O people who is able to verdict my case this if you are real explainers of the dreams, they said it is not dream to explain and we are not real explainers of that dream(we do not know any thing for the knowledge of dreams), thus one of those who had been taken out from the jail, remembered after a time had been gone, a good man who told him about his dream exactly likes what is done with him said that I can do this but send me( to the jail to ask some one is there) Yousseif the trustful tell me on seven of fat cows swallowing seven others(that are thin), and seven of grown well plants and seven other are not (well) to show it to the people at my return, he said you will grow seven years more then what did you grow, you shall leave as it is but some as you need to eat then coming later other bad seven use what did you prepare but little of what did you store then a year comes with pleasure even the people will sink( in the Nile when it overflows ) and compress (the raisin), thereat, a king ordered them to bring him, when a messenger came to him, Yousseif told him go back and tell your lord what about the women whose hands were cut? My lord actually knows on their trick (when they brought in front of the king and he asks them on their hands) what do you say when you asked Yousseif for himself, we said, we swear that we did not see any thing bad on him, the wife of the governor of Egypt said that now the truth has appeared I proposed myself to him and he is real trustful(did not make any thing bad to me) then she confessed by her doing this then a king forgave her and said bring him to make him my own(near to me, may I need him in something), when a king talks to him and said you are now secured, he said make me on the whole treasures of the earth as honest, I am able to do.

Some times later, his brothers entered to him, he knows them well but, otherwise, they for him as unknown, when he prepared their tribe of camels of goods called them again with banning that they did steel a golden object jar of the king, bring me your father's son( because he found the object inside his loading) when do you not bring him to me, no goods for you at me, and do not come here(again), they said we will tell our father on a case, then he told his slaves to load their goods on their camels that perhaps they know it if they return back where their people when they returned back to their dad, as they said, oh, dad the goods is taken and the treasurer there wants my brother to send with us and we will be on him as guards, how to insure you on him as his brother you do, but, Allah is the best guard, when they opened the luggage found the goods is returned so they are enjoyed and told their father send him with us in this journey for having more other goods, I cannot give you your brother but if you give me a promise of Allah but they would narrow you after they do then he device them " O sons, do not enter(his court) through one gate but enter through different gates " when they do that, and Yousseif saw his brother before him, then after, Yousseif comes near to his brother and told him the true of issue.

Thereupon, he wanted to stay his brother with him and does not return with them then Yousseif shot his sight to the slave(to make for himself the following)to put among their luggage a golden jar of a king then make an announcement around the palace of a king that a golden jar of a king was stolen, so on, when they heard on this case informed to have been their journey halted to regain a golden jar of a king back where its last place so Yousseif himself said them check this luggage up for a royal stolen piece a wised man who called by Yousseif started a search with a camel of one of them and did not start with a camel of his brother so when he found a stolen piece in the luggage of his brother's camel then he said for who this camel ? his brother replied and said this is for me so he was taken as arrested in front of the eyes of his other brothers then, an elder brother supplicated him for a while to free(retrieve) his brother while Yousseif said no I cannot, you came here for a case not for steel then an elder one preferred to set down before a gate of the entranceway of Egypt even either his father give him a permission to return back home or I let myself here with no food and drink to get the dead, then at, their return to the palace saw their brother beside a treasurer of Egypt set with pleasure then told them could you remember Yousseif, brother of you, hey are you Yousseif as they said, yes I am, forgive us please, brother, Allah is All-forgiveness, take this shirt and throw it to the eyes of my father and come to here again together with him and his people, when his father had arrived there knelt before him all of his kids, so, he told his father about the young-age dream that was disappeared on his brothers before



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